Caribbean Sun has been meeting the tanning needs of Wichita for over 20 years. We have seen many tanning salons come and go. Quite often these salons offered great products, but still they failed. Why are we still here? What is the difference? The difference is that we pride ourselves on customer service. We care about the way you look, and feel, just as much as you do! Our staff is fully trained, and utilizes that knowledge and experience to take your tan to the next level.

You can expect to get to know the staff, just as they get to know you. We don’t just shove you in a bed, we ask questions about your expectations and past experiences. We give you advice to meet your tanning needs. Whether you are a first timer, an advanced tanner, or anywhere in between – we have something for you. We encourage you to browse our site, read about tanning, and the UV free air brush tan. If you have more questions, call us, or stop by one of our convenient locations.

Recently we have decided to leverage our knowledge and success to help other tanning salon operators. We are now offering franchise opportunities to select professionals in limited areas. You will get our experience to back you up, with the plan and product to help you succeed. Our experience can become your guidance in today’s tough marketplace.

Caribbean Sun is still meeting the needs of the Wichita area because we care about people. In today’s world that almost sounds cliche’, but we promise, if you give us the chance – you will find that we mean it. We are here to serve you.